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Bulletproof - dark times

“Somebody really wanted Mazi dead badly smh,” Zoey Dollaz wrote on Twitter . “Well I hope that beef is squashed now it’s like damn whatever he did hope it’s forgiven now.”

I love this smell! the woods here kinda remind me of Nirvana Bourbon but the coconut/tea sweetness is reminiscent of Bvlgari Black, I even get a touch of leather although this scent has no leather. As usual with Tokyo Milk I am very impressed by the packaging and composition but heartbroken at the cruddy silage/longevity.

Forbose is one of the most powerful ways to boost energy and enhance your body’s natural resilience. Use it to transform workouts, recovery, and brainstorming sessions—and help mitochondria thrive.

Otters are some of the cutest, most innocent-looking animals on the planet. Statistically speaking, 102 percent of what they do is adorable. Giant otters are the same, only more so.

Following his arrest, Holmes was initially jailed at Arapahoe County Detention Center, under suicide watch . [36] The police interviewed more than 200 witnesses. [37] Speaking on behalf of himself and FBI agent James Yacone, who was in charge of the investigation, Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said he was confident that the shooter acted alone. [25]

Corps mistakenly outs first woman grunt, then denies multiple interview requests, citing her privacy concerns. Veterans call for transparency, celebration.  

(Note: If there are a number of foods that cause you to lose all control you may wish to speak with your doctor or a mental health professional.)

Bulletproof - Dark TimesBulletproof - Dark TimesBulletproof - Dark TimesBulletproof - Dark Times